Turkish Embassy in Dhaka

Ambassador's Message

Dear Guests of our Embassy’s website, 

Turkey recognized Bangladesh on 22 February 1974 shortly after its independence and the Turkish Embassy in Dhaka was opened in 1976 while the Embassy of Bangladesh in Ankara started in 1981.

The Embassy is working towards furthering the brotherly relations between the two countries, which take root from the historical bonds between the peoples of Turkey and Bangladesh. Our primary aim is to strengthen our political, economic and cultural relations.

Relations between Turkish and Bengali nations have strong historical and cultural roots dating back before the foundation of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The Muslims of South Asia including the Bengalis, had supported the Turkish War of Independence. The respect and admiration for Atatürk is reflected in the epic poem “Kamal Pasha”, written by Kazi Nazrul Islam, National Poet of Bangladesh, in 1921. This poem has been on the curriculum in Bangladesh schools. Besides, one major avenue in Dhaka and another one in Chittagong have been named as “Kemal Atatürk Avenue”. Furthermore, a high school in Dagan Bhuiyan, in Feni and a Turkish language center in Dhaka Cantonment were named as “Atatürk Model High School” and “Mustafa Kemal Turkish Language Center”. In the same vein, the support of the Bengal people during the Turkish War of Independence is still remembered with gratitude by the Turkish people.

Turkish Airlines with its daily direct flights between Istanbul-Dhaka provides the opportunity  to advance the economic, cultural and touristic exchanges with a view of further promoting the already existing yearly trade volume of over 1 billion US Dolars for the last five years. The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) and Turkish Red Crescent offices in Dhaka is helping us to coordinate the development assistence in the fields of health, education, humanitarian aid etc. for our Bangladeshi brothers and sisters.

You can follow the activities of our Embassy through this website you are visiting, as well as our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

With my best wishes to all of you.

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary